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Prepare for your law school final exams with the 1L Mastery Program, which includes podcast-like audio case briefs, printable case briefs, audio flashcards, and one of a kind printable study aids.

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Audio Case Briefs

Don’t have time to read for class? Barcast’s first-of-their-kind podcast-like Audio Case Briefs are designed specifically to be listened to during your commute, at the gym, and on-the-go. Just download the SOUNDWISE app on your mobile device, sign in, and get started listening.

Printable Case Briefs

Easily print your Barcast Audio case briefs before class and avoid suffering through those dreaded cold calls.

Audio Flashcards

Access Audio Flashcards for each subject,, designed to help you nail down your rule statements in the days leading up to final exams

Learn Together

Ask questions, communicate with fellow community members, and download materials from your computer or smartphone, all from our user-friendly mobile app.

Updates and User Requests

Missing a case brief that you need? Barcast is constantly updated with new audio content based on the volume of requested case briefs from members.

Audio Outlines

Audio lectures for all your 1L subjects designed to help you memorize the law using our proprietary mnemonics and practical examples. The audio lectures will allow you to confidently, effectively, and easily apply the law on your law school finals.

Memorize Better

1L Mastery students receive access to our specialized Anki flashcards, designed specifically to leverage spacial learning techniques to help solidify complex legal doctrines.

Why Barcast 1L Mastery Program?

Barcast’s 1L mastery program is the tool you need to help you crush your 1L classes and break the curve. Barcast’s audio case briefs offer users unparalleled flexibility in learning important case law and preparing for class and final exams. Don’t have time to read before class? Barcast’s ever-growing library of more than 450 audio case briefs is the most powerful 1L study tool available.

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What's included?

Barcast Audio’s 1L Mastery Program includes 450+ written and audio case briefs, covering all of your 1L subjects

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